Organization Description: PEER is a non-profit, national environmental watchdog organization whose mission is to protect public employees who protect the environment by assisting and advocating on behalf of public employees in government pollution control and resource management agencies. Because government scientists, lawyers, regulators, law enforcement officials, engineers, land and wildlife managers, etc. are on the front lines of environmental protection, yet often work in politically-driven agencies where there is little tolerance for dissent, PEER helps environmentally ethical public employees police their agencies, expose and challenge bad decision-making, and work for reform.

Open positions:

Full Semester Externships (Spring or Fall)

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Post-Grad Legal Fellowships


Interested in volunteering? Please email info[at] for more information or call 202-265-7337.

Are you a lawyer and interested in assisting our legal department? Please call or email info[at] for more information about our work.