PEER's Southwest Office re-opened in Tucson in 2006 and primarily serves employees in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada and Utah. Southwest PEER Director and Ecologist, Daniel Patterson, has been active with PEER since the mid-90's. He previously worked with BLM in the Mojave Desert on off-road vehicles and endangered species, and as Deserts Program Director with the Center for Biological Diversity.

"There is a lot of environmental pressure in the American Southwest," says Patterson. "From urban sprawl, water and off-road vehicles, to global warming, endangered species and border militarization, PEER serves an essential role for stressed public employees."

Daniel Patterson is a graduate of Michigan State University's College of Natural Resources. Daniel formerly served as Arizona State Representative for the 29th Legislative District.

Southwest PEER strives to serve all levels of government employees -- federal, state, local and tribal.

Daniel R. Patterson
Ecologist & Southwest Director
POB 172
Tucson, AZ 85702
phone: (520) 906-2159 email: swpeer[at]

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