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Governors in Florida and Maine Open Hen-House Doors to Fox with Corporate Ties

White Papers
Count on the CorpsAn Environmental Profile of the Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District (April 1999)
Purporting to regulate and develop responsibly, the Alaska District of the Army Corps of Engineers has violated the Clean Water Act by circumnavigating or breaking its own codes. With seven years of documented cases, such negligence in America's "Last Frontier" has caused environmental destruction, wasted public funds, and ruined careers of responsible public professionals. more >>

Rotten at the CorpsThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Presiding Over the Death of the Florida Keys (January 1997)
The Army Corps of Engineers is presiding over ecosystem destruction in the Florida Keys through a systematic and deliberate dereliction of duty in protecting wetlands from illegal development. more >>

Other PEER Activities
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