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Coal Combustion Waste: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is promoting the "beneficial re-use" of toxic coal combustion in consumer products ranging from carpet backing to toothpaste. Send a letter >>


The Honest Chief: Just days after giving an interview with the Washington Post, revealing low staffing levels, Chief Teresa Chambers received a notice proposing her termination. Send a letter >>


EPA and Human Testing: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is throwing open its doors to experiments using human subjects to test the effects from exposure to pesticides and other commercial toxins. Send a letter >>


Animal Slaughter: Even as some federal agencies spend millions to protect wildlife, another federal agency spends millions more to kill wildlife in record numbers. Send a letter >>


Death of Solitude: Cell phone towers are sprouting up in national parks across the nation because the National Park Service lacks a coherent policy. Send a letter >>


Lead Paint: Lead poisoning is completely preventable but EPA is shirking its legal duty to take the last major step towards meeting the national goal of eliminating lead poisoning by 2010. Send a letter >>