PEER Field Offices


Every day a state inspection report, a permit decision or an enforcement recommendation will shape the future of a river, a wetland or a remnant species of animal struggling to survive in a tattered habitat. With the help and involvement of employees, PEER's nationwide "state environmental protection campaign" is working to make sure that political pressures do not make these decisions.

From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Yukon to the Great Plains, from the Blue Ridge to the Rockies...PEER is working with and on behalf of public servants entrusted with managing the nation's natural resources. Whether individually or collectively, through its many chapters PEER is providing conscientious resource professionals with a powerful voice with which to demand ethical reform and accountability inside government agencies.

PEER is expanding not only the reach of its operations but also the sophistication of its methods. PEER has field offices operating in several states, and the national capital network continues to grow at a rapid pace. These field offices are led by dedicated, experienced, and self-motivated individuals who understand the importance of serving as the organization's eyes and ears on the ground.

Most of the state offices are staffed by former agency employees who are ideally suited to the task of spreading PEER's message and empowering resource professionals to help themselves. Indeed, PEER's representatives know what is going on inside the agencies and can relate because they have been there themselves. They understand that the battle for our country's environment is being waged daily in state and federal agency cubicles.

PEER's goal is to ensure that these bureaucratic habitats are healthy and well-ventilated to public scrutiny - where scientists, law enforcement officers, land managers and field technicians can do their jobs, free from political interference.

Choose a state or region to find out more about PEER's highly effective state campaigns and get to know the people behind the success of our field office network.