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PEER has set a new national standard for zero tolerance of rule by special interest...I can honestly say that in 28 years of writing about fish, wildlife and the environment no group has more impressed me than PEER.
- Ted Williams, outdoor writer and magazine editor

"I wanted to take the time to thank PEER for the unbelievable level of support and assistance that you have provided me (and my family!) during these last few, trying months. I know that PEER has extended their resources to the max - both financially and in terms of your staff commitments." - Beverly Migliore, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management employee legally defended by PEER

"Just in case you haven't been thanked by other Michigan enviro's, I wanted to thank you myself. Your work continues to give hope to employees in the trenches." - Jeff Gearhart, Ecology Center of Ann Arbor

"The [DEQ] survey results you posted are truly breathtaking. What the employees are saying through PEER is, I think, the most compelling story that anyone has produced to date on the DEQ/Engler administration attack on the environment." - Alison Horton, Michigan Sierra Club

"Without groups like PEER standing guard, things would certainly be worse for wildlife...Through your work you have become familiar with the agents and realize that most of us are as deeply committed to protecting the resources as you are. I encourage you to maintain contact with our agents and help us get the support we need to investigate and apprehend those who violate our wildlife protection laws. Thanks again." - Unnamed USFWS Special Agent

"I am so glad that PEER exists...You can be sure I'll be evangelizing about PEER to my colleagues. The role you played for us to get our message out was matched by no other organization I know of. Oddly enough, I do fantasize about the world when PEER is no longer needed. Until then, keep up the good work!" - Renee Galeano-Popp, former U.S. Forest Service botanist

"I can't stress enough the importance of PEER's work here in California...PEER is a one-of-a-kind organization that exists to support public employees in advocating environmental responsibility within public agencies." -- Craig Thomas, Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation

"After 24 years of government service, I never saw myself in a situation that PEER specializes in. I never thought I would be the "target" of organized harassment, threats, political scapegoating and treatment by some agency officials who let me know in no uncertain terms that I was expendable and would be sacrificed to remedy political unrest. Not only did PEER provide me with legal counsel, they took action in the halls of Congress, bringing public attention to the violation of laws designed to protect government employees. Today I remain a public servant dedicated to the Service. Thanks PEER!" - Dave Stanbrough, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"I think the work [PEER] does is very, very important. The Federal government becomes hell when the bureaucracy avoids the responsibility it has to aggressively protect public resources. I believe PEER has established itself as an advocate for the rights of public employees." - Dave Wegner, former U.S Bureau of Reclamation manager

"Just wanted to extend a hand of appreciation for listening to the agents who believe the baiting proposals are bad for the birds. There have been plenty of times lately when one begins to wonder if anyone cares about the resource but us. Thanks for being a friend of all Federal Wildlife Officers Association members." - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent, requests anonymity to avoid agency retaliation.

"PEER has done an excellent job of bringing the concerns of the working people within DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] to the attention of the voters, legislators and taxpayers of Florida. The rank and file members of the Division of Law Enforcement have read what you have written and seen what the news media has done with it, and have been given inspiration to go on and face the future." - Anonymous, Florida Marine Partrol officer

"I am a Connecticut DEP employee and don't even want to think about what work would be like without your help. Thanks!" - Anonymous, Department of Environmental Protection, requests anonymity to avoid agency retaliation.

"PEER gives much needed support to public employees like myself who have been fired for blowing the whistle on bad agency practices. Without your assistance with my case, I would probably have been buried in the bureaucracy long ago. Without PEER by my side, it would have been too easy to get discouraged and give up. Instead I'm still here, fighting for what is right. " - Ed Polaski, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

"I will always owe a debt of gratitude to PEER...Thanks for changing my life forever to fighting for environmental justice, particularly for wildlife, native plants, and their habitat protection." - Roy Van de Hoek, former BLM whistleblower

"PEER is one of the most important environmental organizations in the country right now - a group that helps agency staff who want to protect the environment and keep their jobs do just that. Clearly, the folks on the inside of are in the best place to let the world know what is really going on. PEER's presence is long overdue in Michigan...We are thrilled to have PEER working with employees in our state!" - Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter

"We wholeheartedly supports PEER in its effort to fundamentally reform the Commonwealth's premier environmental agency, the Department of Environmental Quality. PEER strives to ensure a climate at DEQ in which dedicated and knowledgeable public servants can perform their duties in a professional and honorable manner, without fear of political interference or job retaliation." - Jim Sharp, Campaign Virginia

"PEER disclosed widespread practices in the Department of Environmental Protection which undermine environmental laws, suppress science and retaliate against conscientious employees. Their work and press follow-up provided validation of our criticism of DEP and reinforced our message to the citizens of New Jersey. We are pleased with PEER's aggressive efforts to advance the goals of protecting public health, natural resources and agency professionals." - Tim Dillingham, Sierra Club, New Jersey Chapter

"Thank you PEER for all the great work you do and I hope it continues. I work for a conservation group in central Idaho and am in regular contact with BLM, USFS and NMFS employees. How frustrating it is to see biologists cower because of the political influence of ranchers, miners and loggers. It is especially hard for agencies in small towns to keep people who put the land first...Thanks for standing up for those who protect our resources." - Lynne Stone, Boulder-White Clouds Council

"PEER's progress in forcing a criminal investigation of the Department of Environmental Protection bears heavily upon the issues we all are struggling with. I have been an advocate for the success of PEER's organizing activities from the start of its campaign in Florida." - John Glenn, Aquatic Preserve Committee

"PEER gives public employees a forum to 'blow the whistle' on destructive environmental shenanigans while protecting their anonymity and their professional careers. They've done good work getting the truth out in their newsletters, white papers and press releases." - Jack Lyle and Mary Buckner, Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association

"PEER is one of the best organizations ever created. We need the 'insiders' and they need our support. PEER has a clear and necessary mission, a growing constituency and influence, and a talented staff to keep it on course. Thank you all for making it possible...Keep up the good work!" - Pat Sweeney, executive director of the Western Organization of Resource Councils

"He [DeBonis] didn't just stick his nose out. He kicked the door out, came screaming out of the closet and the higher ups in the Forest Service couldn't...stifle him" - Andy Kerr, Oregon Natural Resources Council

"PEER seems to be the only defense public employees have for protecting their rights on environmental fronts. By protecting the rights of employees who speak up for science, PEER serves the public interest, the environment and a moral cause." - Ben Lomeli, BLM hydrologist, Southern Arizona

"PEER gave me welcome support when my struggle seemed isolated and lonely. With their help I will be able to continue my work of managing and developing a new unit of America's National Park System." - Bill Fink, National Park Service superintendent form Michigan who defied the government shutdown by working.

"The help PEER has given employees of the Department of Environmental Quality has made a huge difference in our abilities as employees to survive within the Department while maintaining our environmental integrity and professional ethics." - David Sligh, Virginia DEQ water quality permit manager

"I am a victim of malicious prosecution and harassment from a miner for actions which caused him to be recognized as a blatant violator of environmental protection laws. PEER has given me an opportunity to fight back against what is now a very costly legal action. I could not do it on my own." - Thomas Dwyer, U.S. Forest Service employee who successfully fought back against Wise Use harassment in Catron County, New Mexico

"Recently Bill Wolfe [New Jersey PEER] stepped in to help the parents remediate the toxic plume under the Atlantic Highlands Elementary School. Without his assistance and persistence dogging the governmental agencies employed to watch out for our children, I doubt that we would have been able to accomplish the end goal — timely installation of a state-approved vapor intrusion system. He was a true hero in our eyes. I've been trying to come up with the right words to thank him, but I'm not sure there are words to convey the enormity of our gratitude & relief." - Laurie & Vidar Brekke

"As a New Jersey Hazardous Waste Engineer, I personally experienced government's heavy-handed repression of dissent and witnessed its refusal to disclose information.  Only PEER provided the support and much needed empathy to successfully get the information out to the people who needed it.  For me, PEER protects the essence of democracy for which I and my colleagues will be forever grateful." - Zoe Kelman, Former New Jersey Hazardous Waste Engineer

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