Climate and Energy

PEER’s Voice in Climate Change and Energy

Climate change is an urgent threat that demands decisive government action. PEER works to hold government accountable to ambitious climate goals based on sound science and policy and supports holistic approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building resiliency in our communities.

Our work supports meaningful climate actions at the federal, state and local level, including efforts to rapidly increase clean energy production, improve energy conservation, preserve nature and biodiversity, decrease our use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, and improve our agricultural practices.

We are also a watchdog for hidden dangers and scams that result from any new climate program. Our efforts to address climate change must occur in the context of transparency, scientific integrity, and the support of meaningful dissent, and there must be systems in place to evaluate the effectiveness of climate and energy programs.


Public Lands Are Key to Fighting Climate Change

"Public lands account for a quarter of the nation’s land area and nearly a quarter of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions through extraction and combustion of fossil fuels.  Conversely, the amount of CO2 sequestered by soils, forests, shrublands, grasslands and...

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PEERMail: Fighting for the Planet in Court

Because Donald Trump's policy initiatives rely largely on "alternative facts," his operatives must suppress or distort the factual research conducted by the federal government's scientists, economists, and other subject matter specialists. Their disregard for the work...

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