Climate and Energy

PEER’s Voice in Climate Change and Energy

PEER supports integrated approaches to climate change that recognize the importance of ending our reliance on fossil fuels, expanding and protecting our public lands and wilderness areas, and redesigning out agricultural systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon. We propose solutions,  protect scientists against political pressures, and fight for accountability and transparency in government programs.”

Climate Change

Climate change is an urgent threat that demands decisive government action. PEER works to hold government accountable to ambitious climate goals based on sound science and policy.


PEER works to cut pollution from fossil fuels and reduce our dependence on dirty sources of energy to address climate change and improve public health.


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PEERMail: Climate Alert

At PEER, we’re on the front lines every day of the Trump Administration’s disastrous war on climate science. As a PEER staff attorney working on climate and science issues, I have prepared this special report of PEERNews on climate change to let you know what I do and...

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