Climate Change

PEER’s Voice in Climate Change

PEER fights against the Trump Administration’s pro-industry, anti-science agenda that has undermined the work of every federal agency that conducts climate science. We are dedicated to holding public officials accountable for spreading disinformation and defending the rights of those conscientious employees struggling to share the truth despite political interference.

War on Climate Science

The Trump administration’s pro-industry, anti-science agenda has undermined the work of every federal agency that conducts climate science and has a broad chilling effect on agency personnel.

Scientists Under Attack

Federal scientists are being pressured to change, omit, or ignore climate science. Scientific agencies increasingly capitulate to administration demands.


PEERMail: Fighting for the Planet in Court

Because Donald Trump's policy initiatives rely largely on "alternative facts," his operatives must suppress or distort the factual research conducted by the federal government's scientists, economists, and other subject matter specialists. Their disregard for the work...

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PEERMail: Climate Alert

At PEER, we’re on the front lines every day of the Trump Administration’s disastrous war on climate science. As a PEER staff attorney working on climate and science issues, I have prepared this special report of PEERNews on climate change to let you know what I do and...

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