As we deal with this global pandemic, PEER is adapting and responding, and continuing our work of protecting public employees who protect our environment, natural resources and public health. 

First, we’re prioritizing the health of our staff by practicing social distancing and working from home.  With today’s modern technologies, we won’t miss a beat, though. 

Our work watch-dogging the Trump administration will continue as we expose corruption, malfeasance and anti-science agendas in government. Working with employee contacts, we will also attempt to expose and help remedy harmful breakdowns of pollution controls, natural resource protections and public health protections. 

Finally, we will be working to make sure that public employees are afforded appropriate protections at work, including such measures as liberal teleworking and other steps needed to reduce the risk of infection at work.  

Self-Dealing, COVID-19 and the Public Trust

Reports that U.S. Senators sold millions of dollars in stock after receiving non-public information during Congressional briefings in January and February on the coronavirus threat should come as no surprise given the endemic self-dealing by government leaders. Read More>>

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Logo Visit the CDC for the latest on Coronavirus updates. 


ALERT: Pandemic Perspective

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the country, many people have asked how we plan to continue to our work. The global impact of the coronavirus is bringing dramatic changes...

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