Public Health

Protecting Public Health

Environmental and health specialists are heartsick over the malfeasance of their agencies in failing to protect the health of children, workers and the public at large. We expose information about the effects of environmental toxins on public health, challenge industry capture of our regulatory agencies, and fight for an effective safety net to protect us from dangerous toxins.


In response to the novel coronavirus, PEER is stepping up its efforts to ensure that public health experts have the capacity and the legal backing to speak truth to power and that government agencies continue their essential functions.

Artificial Turf

Human health risks from toxic chemicals and known carcinogens found in synthetic sports fields and playgrounds made from shredded tires remain largely unstudied


The EPA is failing to protect the public from the health risks of this new class of chemicals.

Toxic Cleanups

EPA and state governments often fail to clean up some of the most dangerous toxic sites.

Refinery Explosions

Refinery explosions and dangerous chemicals threaten large populations centers.

Sick Schools

Contaminated soil, air born pollutants and toxic building materials should have no place in our schools.

Chemical Safety

The US Chemical Safety Board is failing in its duty to monitor, investigate and report on chemical safety accidents in the U.S.

Coal Combustion Waste

Toxic coal ash is in a growing stream of consumer, agricultural and commercial products without oversight


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Groups Petition EPA to Regulate PFAS Waste

The absence of any federal standards for tracking and managing wastes contaminated with toxic per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) poses a major and growing threat to our health, water, and soil. That is why, on January 15, 2020, on behalf of the Green Science...

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PEERMail: Exploding in a Neighborhood Near You

Politicians of both parties cite America’s crumbling bridges, dams, and other public infrastructure but few say anything about our aging industrial infrastructure.  Consider: Most all of America’s 148 refineries were built before 1985.  Most all suffer from aging...

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BLOG: EPA Continues to Approve Bee-Killing Insecticides

With over 40 percent of insect life threatened with extinction in the next few decades, the Environmental Protection Agency continues to issue emergency exemptions to toxic pollinator-killing insecticides at unprecedented rates, according to data gathered by the...

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BLOG: Dark Waters and the Threat of PFAS Chemicals

We aren’t usually in the movie promotion business, but we did want to tell you about the movie Dark Waters and how it relates to our work at PEER. Dark Waters is a recently released movie based on a true story about a lawyer and a community who fought DuPont chemical...

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