Water and Wetlands

Protecting America’s Water and Wetlands

PEER works with federal, state and local public servants to protect our rivers, lakes, wetlands, aquifers and coastal waters. We fight to ensure the federal government protects all waters and wetlands of the United States under the Clean Water Act and to ensure everyone has a safe, sufficient supply of clean water.

Waters of the United States

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PEERMail: Taking Trump to Court Over Clean Water

This week, PEER joined 13 conservation groups in filing a lawsuit in federal court against the administration’s effort to eliminate clean water protections for wetlands and streams that feed drinking-water sources for 200 million Americans. The Southern Environmental...

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PEERMail: Out of Sight – Not Out of Mind

Until enactment of the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (also known as the Ocean Dumping Act) in October 1972, the U.S. routinely dumped high-level radioactive, medical, and other military and industrial wastes into the sea. As a result, America’s...

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PEERMail: The Worst One Yet

Of the estimated 95 Trump environmental rollbacks, perhaps none is as dangerous as the latest attempt to gut the Clean Water Act. The plan to cut back clean water protections will— Leave 60% of currently protected streams, pools, and wetlands (and up to 90% in the...

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