Drinking Water

Drinking Water / Young Child with Glass of WaterAmericans get their drinking water from one of two places: groundwater (e.g., aquifers), or surface waters. Approximately 10% of people in the United States rely on private wells for their drinking water; the remaining 90% get their water for drinking, cooking, and bathing from public drinking water systems. 

One of the most basic functions of government is to ensure that people are drinking and using clean, safe water. We have seen again and again how the government has failed in this most basic function. Working with those inside the government, PEER provides constant oversight on government actions.  

Our current efforts include focusing on removing lead and copper from drinking water, pressuring states and the federal government to develop standards for a class of toxic chemicals called PFAS, known as “forever chemicals,” and minimizing pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in drinking water. 


Boca Raton Wastewater Woes Warrant Federal Intervention

Effluent Discharges Fouling Waterways While Florida DEP Looks the Other Way

Radioactive Wells Pose Bigger Risks in New Jersey

Hundreds of Thousands Exposed Daily to Rad Levels Many Times over Safety Limits

Tighter New Jersey Drinking Water Standards in Oblivion

Drinking Water Institute Chair Resigns in Frustration; Successor to be Announced

Rationale for New Jersey Water Quality Delay Is Bogus

Commissioner Claim of Imminent EPA Perchlorate Action Contradicted by E-Mails

Christie to Axe Jersey Pollution and Public Health Rules

“Red Tape Review Group” Issues Hit List of Regulations to Toss or Water Down

U.S. Judge Threatens EPA With Contempt on Everglades

EPA Administrator Jackson Personally Summoned to Detail Pollution Compliance

EPA Puts off New Protections for Florida’s Coastal Waters

New Scientific Peer Review Defers Estuarine and Coastal Standards until 2011

EPA Sets Clean Water Bar for Florida Too Low

Proposed Federal Standards Ignore EPA Guidelines and Bypass Peer Review

Christie Deep-Sixes New Jersey Perchlorate Standard

“Red Tape” Review Runs Out Clock on Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water Limit

California to Set First Hex Chromium Drinking Water Level

Public Health Advocates Urge Adoption of Safe Standard Found by Science Agency

Tellico River Watershed Closed to Off-Road Traffic

Conservationists Applaud U.S. Forest Service Action to Restore Water Quality

State ORV Park Violating California Water Quality Law

State ORV Park Violating California Water Quality Law Tracy — Despite budget cuts that threaten other State Parks,

Water Pollution Lawsuit Against California State ORV Park

Creek Ruined by Off-Road Abuse in Carnegie Recreation Area

Dupont Presses New Jersey to Water Down PFOA Risk Assessment

Industry Consultants Get Closed Door Access to State Drinking Water Institute

Boca Raton Water Contamination Triggers Health Sanctions

One Whistleblower Restored as Extensive Probe of City Utility Operations Expands

Lake Okeechobee Flow Cutoff Looms

Lee County Decries Drinking Water Woes and Caloosahatchee Salinity

Boca Raton Tap Water Violations Trigger Health Probe

Chronic Low Pressure Problems Risk Microbial Contamination and Boil Orders

Radiation Exposure Limits Weakened in Departing Bush Move

Huge Hikes in Allowable Radioactivity in Drinking Water, Air and Soil

Feds Intervene to Set Florida Water Quality Standards

Rising Percentage of State Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries Impaired by Excess Nutrients

Lawsuits Mount Against Florida Eco-Inspector General

Whistleblowers Sue Agency and Individual Officials for “Political Hatchet Jobs”

Sprawl Is Steadily Poisoning More New Jersey Lakes and Streams

Most Waters Unfit for Direct Human Contact; Statewide Fish Health Advisories

Widespread Contamination Found in New Jersey Drinking Water

Survey of Wells Is Far From Well; State Does Not Follow-Up on Pollutants

String of EPA Legal Losses on Everglades No Fluke

Latest Stinging Court Ruling Cites EPA Regional Office Clean Water Abdication

Massachusetts Recharge Plan Puts Drinking Water at Risk

Industrial Polluters Escape Monitoring, Enforcement and Ongoing Safeguards

Bay State Worsens Prescription Drug in Drinking Water Problem

Siting Hospitals and Nursing Homes Next to Drinking Water Wells Is Unwise

EPA Kisses off Florida’s Wetlands

Developer Sway in EPA Breeds Algal Blooms and Aquifer Contamination

Florida Clean Water Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed

Ousted Lab Manager Cites Corruption by Top State Officials and Massive Data Loss

Corps Slams Florida for Violating Water Quality Standards

Army Corps Refuses to Share Costs of Deficient Everglades Clean Up Projects

Florida Lab Manager Files Whistleblower Complaint

State Terminated Scientist After He Disclosed Problems to the Inspector General

Florida Waives Water Pollution Reporting Rules

Industry Told Not to Bother Submitting Data Qualifiers on Pollution Reports

Florida Lab Manager Blamed for Data Showing High Pollution

State Wants to Dump Five Years of Samples from Everglades, Lake O and Estuaries

Suppressed Water Quality Report Released

Data on Emerging Health and Environmental Dangers Removed