Drinking Water

Drinking Water / Young Child with Glass of WaterAmericans get their drinking water from one of two places: groundwater (e.g., aquifers), or surface waters. Approximately 10% of people in the United States rely on private wells for their drinking water; the remaining 90% get their water for drinking, cooking, and bathing from public drinking water systems. 

One of the most basic functions of government is to ensure that people are drinking and using clean, safe water. We have seen again and again how the government has failed in this most basic function. Working with those inside the government, PEER provides constant oversight on government actions.  

Our current efforts include focusing on removing lead and copper from drinking water, pressuring states and the federal government to develop standards for a class of toxic chemicals called PFAS, known as “forever chemicals,” and minimizing pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in drinking water. 


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