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Wild Horses

Wild horses and burros in eleven Western states enjoy protection under the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Yet as grazing by domestic livestock continues through advancing drought and climate change, these feral ungulates—along with native wildlife—are feeling the pinch of degraded habitats, mismanagement on federal lands and depleted food and water sources.

Horses to Slaughter — Anatomy of a Coverup within the BLM (April 1997)


The Mojave desert tortoise of California is at risk due to habitat destruction from illegal and excessive grazing. Both the BLM and the National Park Service failed to monitor and report on the impact of grazing as well as off-road vehicle use on the status of the tortoise and other vulnerable species. The BLM grazing restrictions put in place after a long court battle to protect the tortoise have been lifted. 


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