Executive Director

Tim Whitehouse

Tim Whitehouse has more than 25 years of experience working on a wide range of environmental issues with governments, businesses, nonprofit organizations and community groups. Tim was a senior attorney at the United States Environmental Protection Agency for 10 years, where he specialized in enforcement of the Clean Water Act and in hazardous waste compliance issues. He was also head of the Law and Policy Program at the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation in Montreal, Canada for 5 years. He has worked as a consultant for companies on environmental compliance issues, and with non-profit organizations focusing on clean energy issues. Most recently, he was executive director of Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility, a health advocacy group working to address climate change, toxics pollution, and nuclear disarmament issues in Maryland. He holds a JD and BA from Emory University and an MA from New York University.

PEERMail | Climate Change and the Transition Ahead

by Tim Whitehouse | November 16, 2020
Government actions must reflect the reality of climate change. The Biden-Harris campaign promises to address climate change on public lands ...

BLOG | Schedule F: America’s Toxic Politics is Killing Us

by Tim Whitehouse | November 3, 2020
Giving political appointees the ability to easily hire and fire civil servants in policy positions put the American people at risk by politicizing the civil service ...

PEERMail | Rocky Road Ahead

by Tim Whitehouse | October 29, 2020
The President’s “Schedule F” order – which is most likely illegal -- is just the latest example of our political system spinning out of control ...

BLOG | When Government is Run By A Gilded Few, Essential Workers Pay the Price

by Tim Whitehouse | October 28, 2020
With the White House still pushing to “reopen” at all costs, essential workers will continue to pay the highest prices in the COVID-19 pandemic ...

PEERMail: Troubled Timber Sales at Tongass

by Tim Whitehouse | October 15, 2020
PEER is suing the U.S. Forest Service to force it to produce a long-promised audit of losses from past timber sales in the Tongass National Forest. In 2017, PEER obtained an internal Forest Service document that found staggering monetary losses in two large Tongass timber sales. This ...