PEER’ campaigns are powered by government scientists, land managers, law enforcement agents, and other resource specialists committed to responsible management of America’s public resources.

Help the nation’s top environmental professionals protect public health, threatened wildlife and the rights of public servants to do their jobs. Visit a PEER campaign and get involved.

Trump Challenge

Wildlife Protection
Help public employees protect our wildlife – in many cases from the actions of public agencies.
Public Lands
America’s commons are under assault from commercial pressures and the complicity of officials who are supposed to be our custodians.
Public Health
Environmental and health specialists are heartsick over the malfeasance of their agencies in failing to protect the health of children, workers and the public at large.
Conscientious public employees face adverse consequences for simply doing their job. When those moments of career crisis arise, PEER is there.
Land Use & Sprawl
Urban sprawl and poor land use practices.
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