Public Health

Kevin Bell

Kevin received his law degree from New York University, where he focused in administrative procedure and competed in Moot Court. Previously, he studied Politics at Willamette University, where he was a member of the debate team. Before joining PEER, Kevin worked with Matsikoudis & Fanciullo, a small environmental law firm in Jersey City, New Jersey, and held a fellowship with the Administrative Conference of the United States, an agency responsible for promoting improvements in the efficiency, adequacy, and fairness of the federal administrative process. He also assisted ACUS’s former Chairman, Paul R. Verkuil, in the publication of his volume on overuse of civilian contractors and the importance of professional government: Valuing Bureaucracy. Kevin enjoys board and PC games, volunteer judging for mock trial and debate tournaments, reading science fiction, and trying to make it at least halfway up the easy trails in our National Parks.

BLOG: When Government is Run By A Gilded Few, Essential Workers Pay the Price

by Tim Whitehouse | October 28, 2020
With the White House still pushing to “reopen” at all costs, essential workers will continue to pay the highest prices in the COVID-19 pandemic ...

Alarming PFAS Levels in Delray Beach Drinking Water  

by Kirsten Stade | October 26, 2020
Toxic “Forever Chemicals” May be Accumulating in Drinking Water Aquifer ...

Deregulation of Rad Waste Disposal Plows Ahead

by Kirsten Stade | October 21, 2020
Decommissioned Reactors OK-ed for Landfills in Big Gift to Nuclear Industry ...

Op-Ed | Should We Stop Spraying for Mosquitoes During the Pandemic?

by Kyla Bennett | October 7, 2020
Should we be using pesticides when spraying for mosquitoes that may compromise someone’s respiratory system during a pandemic ...

NYC Schools Lack Ventilation to Stop COVID Spread  

by Kirsten Stade | October 5, 2020
Teachers File Complaint Charging Unsafe Conditions in Re-Opened Schools ...

BLOG: EPA’s Embalmed Formaldehyde Report 

by Kevin Bell | October 2, 2020
The EPA’s Formaldehyde Report has still not seen the light of day, despite what the EPA says ...