E-Bike Order May Be Challenged

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“BAR HARBOR — Local opponents of a new rule that has opened Acadia’s carriage roads to some categories of e-bikes may have a new ally.

They received an email from Friends of Acadia (FOA) last week, offering to put them in contact with a national nonprofit organization that may sue the Department of the Interior over the directive that came from Interior Secretary David Bernhardt in August.

‘When the Department of the Interior e-bike policy was announced, Friends of Acadia was contacted by many concerned citizens and organizations on both sides of the issue,’ FOA Conservation Director Stephanie Clement said in an email to the Islander.

‘We reached out to citizens who had contacted us in opposition to e-bikes on the carriage roads to let them know of the possibility to participate in potential legal action. FOA is not planning to engage in any legal action.'”

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