Government Accountability Project Submits Letter to the Office of Special Counsel in Support of Pending Whistleblower Case for CDC Climate Scientist George Luber

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“Yesterday, Government Accountability Project submitted to the Office of Special Counsel a letter of support for climate scientist and federal whistleblower Dr. George Luber, whose employer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, retaliated against him. An accomplished epidemiologist whose work is extensively published in the scientific literature, Dr. Luber is one of many government scientists who have been sidelined or ousted by political appointees in the Trump administration simply because their work focuses on human-caused global climate change. The letter is signed by Government Accountability Project’s Legal Director and veteran whistleblower attorney Tom Devine.

CSPW has been working collaboratively with Kevin Bell, Dr. Luber’s attorney at Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to provide critical support by advocating for the CDC to revive and rebuild its dismantled Climate and Health Program and to restore Dr. Luber’s position as its director.”

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