Survey Cookbook

PEER frequently works in defense of whistleblowers—conscientious employees who put their careers on the line in order to speak out against illegal or unethical activity in public agencies.

Whistleblower situations are not only stressful for the employee who speaks out, but they often deflect the central point of the message—wrongdoing within the agency—as the attention is shifted onto the employee in the spotlight.

We have found that employee surveys provide an anonymous, collective voice to public employees without the possibility of retaliation or character assassination against individuals.

PEER only conducts surveys in agencies where employees have invited us to do so. Indeed, the employees themselves draft the questions in order to address the heart of employee concerns.

Most surveys are addressed to all employees, but some have targeted a particular category of employees (view examples of our recent surveys). We are open to your suggestions for the most effective way to conduct a survey of your agency colleagues.

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