EPA and Human Testing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is throwing open its doors to experiments using human subjects to test the effects from exposure to pesticides and other commercial toxins. The EPA refuses to set ethical rules to prevent abuse, saying that it is too hard to figure out what the rules should be, so, in the interim, EPA will accept all industry studies on a “case-by-case-basis.” The resulting tests would not pass the ethical standards of any federal agency except EPA, which has no standards for research submitted by private companies to inform public health decisions.

As a result of adverse publicity and the threat of political intervention, EPA cancelled the infamous “CHEERS” study in which Florida parents would have been paid to spray pesticides in the rooms of their infant children under age 3. While EPA has dropped funding for CHEERS, the same study –and hundreds more like it — will take place unless you help us stop it.

Learn how to make sure that corporations cannot endanger human subjects’ health for commercial gain.