In the Chief's Corner

Just days after giving an interview with the Washington Post, revealing low staffing levels, Chief Teresa Chambers received a notice proposing her termination based upon a collection of charges that were simultaneously absurd, illegal, inaccurate and petty.

On December 5, 2003, Deputy Park Service Director Donald Murphy asked Chief Chambers to surrender her gun and badge, placed her on administrative leave and ordered her not to speak any further with the media.

The political gang at Interior is trying to discredit Chief Chambers by planting false rumors, leaking misleading portions of confidential reports and intimidating internal supporters from speaking out.

PEER has joined the fight to reinstate Chief Chambers. This is important to

  1. Protecting the free speech rights of all federal employees;
  2. Securing the rights of public servants to communicate honestly with Congress; and
  3. Ending the bullyboy tactics practiced by the new political masters at the Department of Interior.