Obama Watch

Change We Still Need
Have you noticed that the Obama administration has not been as green as its campaign advertised?

In a few short months, the Obama administration has built, at best, a shaky environmental structure. From delisting wolves to offshore drilling to ducking mountaintop removal coal mining to allowing guns in parks (and the list goes on – At Issue), this is, frankly, not a stellar record. In fact, at times, Obama appointees act like a Bush Lite reprise – same decisions but wrapped in better rhetoric.

And those appointees. While some are stellar, many seemed chosen for their ability to attract industry support. It is hard to find a boat rocker in the bunch. The “no drama” mantra means “no action.”

No doubt, the administration has a lot on its plate but it seems determined to keep the environment off that plate – with the exception of a cap-and-trade bill that is turning out to be hopelessly weak, loophole-ridden and unworkable.

The big difference is hope – hope that the Obama-ites can be shamed into doing the right thing, while their predecessors were shameless. But shaming requires pointed pressure constantly applied – and that requires your help. Get involved and be the change we need!