The Great Lynx Hoax

In December, 2001, the Washington Times ran a story about lynx biologists in Washington State. The story implied that a number of biologists, employees of the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife had conspired to defraud the public by planting lynx hairs into a wide ranging habitat survey to back some sort of secret, illicit environmental agenda.

Before agency scientists had a chance to respond, a number of politicians jumped into the fray, demanding hearings, investigations and even termination of the scientists involved.

The biggest victim in this political quagmire has been the truth. A review of the record of this case demonstrates conclusively that this has been more a matter of political posturing than scientific wrongdoing. A number of key points have been obscured and should be illuminated.

Read the USDA's Lynx Investigative Report (in pdf)

Read the Region 1 Fish & Wildlife Service White Paper: "Management of Canada Lynx in the Cascades Geographic Areas of Oregon and Washington" (in pdf)

Read the White Paper Appendices (in pdf)

Call the FWS at 503-231-6188 for the full PDF report

Washington Times Proposed Mock Up of FSEEEA advertisement (in pdf)