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10-16: Zinke Expects Loyalty without Earning It

9-15-17  The Fire Next Time

9-1-17 Catastrophic - The New Normal 

8-15-17 Scott Pruitt's Super-Secret Superfund Task Force

7-31-17 Science Inquisition

7-14-17 Accountability Aneurism

6-30-17 Worst Boss Candidate 

6-15-17 Petri Dish for Scandal

5-31-17 Witch Hunts Begin

5-16-17 Tense Hostage Situation

5-1-17 Climate Denial is One Thing, Plain Stupidity is Another

4-14-17 Constipating Government

3-31-17 Core EPA Originalism

3-16-17 Trump Budget Brain-Dead on Arrival

3-1-17 Where Are All ThoseJob-Killing Regulations Hiding?

2-15-17 Stemming the Race to the Bottom

1-30-17 Pushing Trump's Buttons 

1-15-17 Celebrity Apprentice Comes to DC

12-30-16 In the Clown Car to Crazy Town

12-15-16 Who Watchdogs Trump?

11-30-16 Federal Hiring Freeze Counterproductive and Misguided

11-16-16 Meeting the Trump Challenge in the Trenches

10-31-16 Juror Nullification and Malheur Madness