Surveys: Collective Disclosure

The questions for Agency Surveys are written by employees themselves and then distributed by PEER to all personnel. Once tabulated, the results are released publicly to citizens, media and policy makers.

PEER has helped employees survey several federal and state agencies and we're always ready to do more. Below are a few samples of our survey projects. Contact PEER today to order a Survey Cookbook and design a questionnaire for your agency tomorrow!


2010  2010 Boca Raton (Florida) Utilities Services Department Employees Survey

2006  Massachusetts Environmental Police Survey

2003  Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) Employee Survey

2003  Massachusetts DEP NERO Survey

2002  Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation

2001  Massachussetts Environmental Police Survey

2000  New Mexico Department of Game & Fish Survey

2000  Maine Department of Conservation Survey

2000  Montana Department of Environmental Quality Survey

2000  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Survey

1999  California Department of Toxic Substances Control Survey

1999  Nebraska Game & Parks Commision Survey

1999  Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Survey

1998  California Department of Fish & Game Survey

1998  Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection Survey

1998  Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality Survey

1997  New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection Survey

1997  Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Survey


2017  BLM Safety Survey

2017  National Wildlife Refuge Safety Survey

2014  Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations Survey

2010  2010 EPA Criminal Investigation Division Agents Survey

2007  Refuge Managers Survey

2005  U.S. Geological Survey-Biological Resources Discipline

2005  Political Appointees Pollute Waters at Ocean Agency

2005  Politics Trumps Science At U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

2005  Interior Biologists Told To Fundraise

2003  2003 PEER Survey of EPA Region 8 Employees

2003  EPA Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics & Training Survey

2001  Refuge Managers Survey

2001  Survey of Military Fish & Wildlife Employees

2000  National Parks Service Survey

1999  Refuge Managers of the National Wildlife Refuge System Survey

1998  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 1 Survey

1998  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Ecological Services Field Supervisors Survey

1998  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement Survey

1998  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge Managers Survey

1997  National Wildlife Refuge Survey