Kyla Bennett

New England PEER’s Director and PEER’s Director of Science Policy, Kyla previously worked at EPA Region 1 for 10 years as a wetland permit reviewer and as the Region’s Wetlands Enforcement Coordinator. Kyla first became involved with PEER in the mid-1990s, when she became a whistleblower herself. Kyla has a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Connecticut and a law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Her familiarity with science, the law, and the inner workings of state and federal governmental agencies enable her to assist public environmental employees throughout New England.

NOAA Kisses Off Right Whale Survival  

by Kirsten Stade | February 19, 2021
New NOAA Finding at Odds with Science, Facts, and the Law ...

BLOG: Climate Denier David Legates Joins NOAA

by Tim Whitehouse | September 18, 2020
NOAA appointee Legates is unqualified, illegally appointed, and an eager spokesperson for anti-science/climate denier crusaders ...

NOAA to Reduce Right Whale Aerial Surveys

by Kirsten Stade | September 3, 2020
Eliminating Targeted Surveys Hampers Ability to Spot Whales in Distress ...

New Federal Licenses May Sink Lobster Fleets 

by Kirsten Stade | July 29, 2020
NOAA’s Past Accommodations of Lobster Industry Come Back to Bite It ...

BLOG: Don’t Mention COVID-19 at NOAA

by Kyla Bennett | July 22, 2020
NOAA has informed its employees to avoid mentions of COVID-19 in publicly available documents as the hyper-political White House attempts to win reelection ...