YES!! I want to defend the environment and support public employees who safeguard our natural resources.

Public employees have the grave responsibility of protecting and preserving our public lands and resources, but they cannot do it alone. Employees need PEER, and we need you. Anyone, whether a public employee or not, can be a PEER member.

PEER members include:

  • "PEERs" - Current or former/retired public employees who want to support their co-workers (or themselves);
  • Activists - Individuals inside or outside of government who are concerned about the environment and who take action by writing letters and telling friends about issues; and
  • Donors - Concerned contributors whose donations allow us to provide valuable tools and resources to public employees and help fund our environmental campaigns.

We rely heavily on all kinds of support to further our work as a powerful voice for ethical resource management and the effective and impartial implementation of environmental laws.

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