BLOG: Trump’s War on Watchdogs

Donald Trump does not care for dogs, but he especially dislikes watchdogs. More than being the only modern President without a pet dog, his real phobia is about discordant messages emanating from the federal bureaucracy. Particularly irksome are critical reports from...

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BLOG: COVID-19 Power Grab

Last week, President Trump signed the $2 trillion coronavirus bill meant to help Americans get through the COVID-19 crisis. From hospitals to small businesses to working Americans, the bill appropriated billions to different sectors of America that have been decimated...

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BLOG: Self-Dealing, COVID-19 and the Public Trust

Reports that U.S. Senators sold millions of dollars in stock after receiving non-public information during Congressional briefings in January and February on the coronavirus threat should come as no surprise given the endemic self-dealing by government leaders. These...

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ALERT: Pandemic Perspective

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the country, many people have asked how we plan to continue to our work. The global impact of the coronavirus is bringing dramatic changes to how we live, many of which we have already begun to feel around the nation.

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BLOG: Attack on Climate Science – 2020 Update

Available for Download Here The Trump administration’s pro-industry, anti-science agenda has undermined the work of every federal agency that conducts climate science and has a broad chilling effect on agency personnel. President Trump himself as questioned the...

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