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Recent press clips from national publications that relate to PEER issues, campaigns and news releases.

Colorado launching independent investigation into claims state pollution officials unlawfully issued permits, falsified data

“Colorado’s attorney general is launching an independent investigation of whistleblower allegations within the state’s health department that officials responsible for controlling air pollution ordered employees to stop measuring surges of harmful sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates at industrial sites. Attorneys for the Maryland-based group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed the complaint on behalf...
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Colorado to hire independent investigator to probe air pollution allegations made in complaint

“Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is seeking to hire an independent investigator to look into whether employees at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment illegally issued air quality permits and falsified modeling data following a whistleblower complaint. “When the permitting office is allowed to simply issue permits to the extent that it wants...
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Colorado attorney general launches probe of whistleblowers’ air-pollution control complaints

“The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is hiring an independent investigator to probe whistleblower allegations that the state health department’s Air Pollution Control Division failed to properly enforce EPA air quality standards. Chandra Rosenthal, an attorney for one of the whistleblowers, said the call for an independent probe signals Colorado’s “commitment to transparency, scientific integrity and...
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The Fight to Clean Up the EPA

“The Environmental Protection Agency recently acknowledged what was plain to most outside observers throughout the Trump era. “Over the past few years, I am aware that political interference sometimes compromised the integrity of our science,” Michal Freedhoff, acting assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, wrote it in a March 10...
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The Unsung Heroes of Earth Day: Environmental Whistleblowers

“Whistleblowers play a vital role in protecting the Earth by exposing violations of environmental laws. Every year, brave individuals risk their careers to bring light to misconduct that threatens our planet. On Earth Day, it is important to celebrate these whistleblowers. In March, WNN reported on the story of Walter Loewen, an environmental analyst with...
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Whales in Danger in United States Waters

“A new opinion piece in The Hill is calling for extra protection for whales in the United States. Kyla Bennett, the science policy director at Public Employees for Environmental responsibility (PEER) called on the current administration to act to save the North Atlantic right whale, Bryde’s whale, and North Pacific right whale. Each of these...
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Navy Finds “Forever Chemicals” on Patuxent, St. Mary’s Rivers

“The U.S. Navy has reported finding high concentrations of toxic “forever chemicals” in groundwater beneath its Patuxent River air base in Southern Maryland and beneath a smaller airfield nearby on the St. Mary’s River. The Maryland Department of the Environment has been working to identify sites where PFAS may have been used or disposed of,...
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Despite Lawmakers’ Demands, PFAS Bill Leaves Many TSCA Limits To EPA

“The bipartisan group of lawmakers seeking strict limits on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is backing legislation that would require EPA to take only some of the steps they have previously sought to regulate the chemicals under TSCA, leaving their push for a “phase-out” of their existing uses up to the agency’s discretion. Kyla Bennett,...
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Exposure to PFAS—the “Forever” chemical—During Pregnancy Results an Increase in Heart and Metabolic Problems Among Adolescence

“Gestational (during pregnancy) and childhood exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) increase cardiometabolic risk, or the risk of heart diseases and metabolic disorders, later in life, according to a Brown University study published in Environment International. Past studies associate exposure to chemical pollutants with increased susceptibility to adverse health effects during critical fetal and childhood developmental periods. Some of...
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