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Following are recent press clips from national publications that relate to PEER issues, campaigns and news releases.

Emails show Park Police reliance on pepper balls, outside police forces during Lafayette protests

“U.S. Park Police email traffic during the June protests at Lafayette Square shows that agency officials were unaware which law enforcement agencies were assisting with the heavily criticized government response as demonstrators were overwhelmed by chemical irritants. The heavily redacted batch of emails was released Friday as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)...
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Emails shed light on Park Police scramble during crackdown

“A collection of emails released today shows how the U.S. Park Police struggled to maintain its pace during its June crackdown on protesters at Lafayette Square. Altogether, the Park Police released 101 pages of emails in response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act, part of a lawsuit filed by the advocacy...
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Observers Fear Disruptions Amid Busy Post-Election Trump EPA Agenda

“The Trump EPA’s agenda is expected to be crowded in the coming months as officials aim to lock in deregulatory approaches amid a possible transition to a Biden administration, with some observers also expressing concern that the president’s recent civil-service executive order could drive disruptive, late-hour personnel moves. “We can expect a very lively 90...
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EPA chief of staff hit campaign trail for Trump

“EPA chief of staff Mandy Gunasekara has been tweeting allegations about Democrats stealing votes this week from Pennsylvania, a pivotal battleground state that’s still counting ballots. Gunasekara was a senior EPA air official who resigned in 2019 before returning this year as chief of staff. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility charged that her resignation letter...
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Group calls for probe of Sakonnet Harbor ‘sewage dumping’

“An environmental action group is calling on the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to “intervene” in citizen allegations of sewage pollution in Sakonnet Harbor. “One of Rhode Island’s picturesque waterfronts appears to have a chronic sewage problem requiring immediate enforcement action,” states a complaint filed Wednesday by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).”” Read the...
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Group alleges sewage discharges into Sakonnet Harbor

“An environmental group has filed a complaint with the federal Environmental Protection Agency claiming that sewage is being regularly discharged into Sakonnet Harbor, the site of the high-end Sakonnet Point Club. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says it filed the complaint with the EPA because the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has failed to...
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Trump’s latest order spreads fear among government scientists

“An executive order issued by US President Donald Trump has sown confusion and fear among government scientists in the country. Announced by the White House on 21 October, the order creates a job category for government workers — such as scientists — that makes it easier to fire people shifted into these positions. Researchers fear...
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Environmental group alleges DEM ignored pollution in Sakonnet Harbor

“The allegations about pollution in Sakonnet Harbor started being made to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management around March 2019. But the DEM failed to take seriously and act on the concerns that raw sewage was possibly being dumped in the harbor in violation of federal law, according to a complaint filed this week...
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Joe Biden winning US election is the last big hope for a world on fire

“Since 2016, the US president has ditched, sidelined or diluted at least 100 Obama-era climate reforms. He has opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to fresh drilling initiatives. He has licensed new oil pipeline developments and liquified natural gas terminals. He has gutted the National Environmental Protection Act, which forced the federal...
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