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Recent press clips from national publications that relate to PEER issues, campaigns and news releases.

Can the BLM be Fixed? Tracy Stone-Manning Takes the Helm of a Broken Agency

“After a contentious confirmation fight in the Senate, Tracy Stone-Manning has been confirmed to become the Director of the Bureau of Land Management. This will be the first time the agency has a properly-confirmed Director since the Obama administration. Under Trump, the agency was headed by a series of temporary stand-ins, including the public-lands-selloff activist...
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Ticket to paradise? Crowded national parks try reservations, fees

“At national parks from Maine to California, Americans are adjusting to a myriad of new rules sparked by a year of record crowds. The throngs of tourists have spurred a season of experimentation for the National Park Service, mainly with new reservation systems and parking fees aimed at taming traffic at Acadia and a dozen...
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Group aims to slash wild horse and burro population by 75%

“Ranchers, hunters, and the BLM have long pointed the finger at wild horses and burros for devastating rangelands and competing with cattle and big game for scarce water and grass. But the extent of damage to Nevada’s public lands from livestock and wildlife is largely a mystery because the BLM, charged with assessing and addressing...
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Tribes, enviros pan Wyo wolf killing policy in ESA petitions

“Several conservation organizations and numerous Native American tribes are citing Wyoming’s wolf predator zone — the roughly 85% of the state where wolves can be killed at any time by any means — as evidence of the need for renewed federal protection of the gray wolf. In an “emergency petition,” a coalition of conservation groups has...
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EPA Decisions Lacking Scientific Integrity Still In Place Under Biden Administration, Say Whistleblowers

“With this article, Beyond Pesticides rounds out its coverage of recent revelations about compromised science integrity at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Sharon Lerner reports in her September 18 (and third in a series) article in The Intercept, new documents and whistleblower interviews reveal additional means by which EPA officials have gone out...
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Scott Beckstead: Don’t believe BLM’s gaslighting about the Onaqui herd of wild horses

“When someone repeats an obviously false statement often enough, people start believing it despite proof to the contrary. The statement takes on a life of its own, and soon people start questioning their own observations. It may even become popular to repeat the false trope, and eventually the misinformation gains momentum and credibility. It’s called...
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Chemical Safety Board chief denies ‘power grab,’ vows reform

“House Energy and Commerce lawmakers on both sides of the aisle yesterday grilled the lone board member of a small but key federal agency plagued by controversy. Democrats largely queried Lemos on current struggles. The board is tasked with probing chemical disasters and crises, many of them deadly and a threat to the environment. CSB...
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Florida Should Come Down Harder On Environmental Crimes, Report Says

“Florida isn’t doing enough to punish polluters, according to a new environmental report. The report from Florida Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, shows many polluters in the state are not fined and even when they are, only 36 percent of the fines are collected.” Read the PEER Story…  
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Call to Action Urging U.S. Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, To Deny Subsidies To State Agencies That Unfairly Target Wolves

“An urgent new petition has been launched to help protect gray wolves from extinction in the United States. The important petition calls for the government to deny federal wildlife management funding to states that excessively target wolves and other predators. WAN had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Ruch, Pacific director for Public Employees for...
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