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Jeff Ruch

Jeff Ruch was the Executive Director of PEER from 1997-2019 and now serves as Director of Pacific PEER, headquartered in California. Prior to that Jeff was the Policy Director and a staff attorney at the Government Accountability Project representing whistleblowers from both the public and private sector. Before coming to DC, Jeff worked in California state government for 17 years, mostly in the State Legislature as counsel to various committees where he drafted literally hundreds of laws on topics ranging from energy conservation to the rights of employed inventors. Jeff served stints as a deputy district attorney, an appellate court clerk and is a graduate of the California Correctional Officers Academy.

Nevada Has a Very Bad Grazing Problem

by Kirsten Stade | July 21, 2021
Worst in West: Two-Thirds of Assessed BLM Allotments Badly Overgrazed ...

Decades of Overgrazing Compromise 30 x 30 Goal 

40 Million Acres Fail Minimum Federal Standards for Rangeland Health ...

Park Service Pedals Backward on E-Bikes

by Kirsten Stade | July 1, 2021
In the Midst of Lawsuit, Trump-Era Order is Rescinded ...

PEERMail | Plastic Free Parks Are Possible!

by Tim Whitehouse | June 30, 2021
The National Park Service must act quickly to address the crisis of plastics in our parks, Sec. Haaland has an opportunity to make a difference ...

National Parks Should Go Plastic Free  

by Kirsten Stade | June 23, 2021
Rulemaking Petition Presses Park Service to Ban Plastic Water Bottle Sales ...

BLOG | Beefalo Befuddlement in Grand Canyon

by Jeff Ruch | May 17, 2021
Grand Canyon's plan to "lethally remove" 12 beefalo from its herd is fraught with ambiguity and lacking in scientific rationale ...